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As an IT business owner, you have a lot of electronic assets to protect. Just because your business is primarily run online does not mean you are any less susceptible to a breakdown which could cause your operation to shut down for days or weeks.

In fact, as a IT services business, you have even more resources to safeguard.

That’s why choosing a top-of-the-line IT business insurance plan is vital to the continued growth and success of your business. After all, if you as the business owner don’t protect it, who will?

Cyber Security Protection

Perhaps the biggest threat facing an online IT service business is a cyber security breach. Regardless of the kind of online business you own, safeguarding your information, as well as the information of your employees and clients is critical to maintaining a smooth and efficient system.

But even with the most advanced, high-tech cyber security platforms, some of the most well-known companies fall victim to cyber attacks.

That’s why having an insurance policy that covers and protects you from the many side effects of an attack is a crucial part of running an IT business.

In addition to a regular BOP insurance plan, which covers the general needs of most businesses, an IT business can greatly benefit from a Cyber Risk Insurance plan.

The Best Solution for Your IT Services Business – The Cyber Risk Insurance Plan

While there are a plethora of business insurance plans on the market, the one most relevant and most beneficial to an IT business is going to be the plan which protects your most valuable assets – your information and company data.

With the ever-imminent threat of a potential data security breach, having the peace of mind that comes with the protection that the Cyber Risk Insurance plan has to offer is well worth it.

To give you a better picture of what you can expect with the Atlanta Life Cyber Risk Insurance plan, here are a few of the protections that we offer:

  • Confidential company records/information
    • Your company information and records are the backbone of your business. Ensuring the security of these items is a top priority for IT business owners, and with our insurance plan we make sure that you are covered.
  • Customer data files
    • Compromised customer data files can cost companies thousands of dollars in potential lawsuits and damage control. By partnering with Atlanta Life Business Insurance, you can rest easy knowing the protection you receive under our insurance plan has you covered.
  • External hacking and data breaches
    • As a business that functions primarily online, the risk of external hacking and data breaches are extremely high. Even with the most advanced software protection, hacking can still happen. With this insurance plan you’re safe from any potential losses that can occur from a devastating data breach.

As an IT services business owner, you know your company can be susceptible to any or all of these risks and more. Don’t wait until the losses occur – call Atlanta Life Business Insurance at 866-389-4466 today a

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