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For small companies, competing in the business world can be a daunting task. But in the ever-evolving digital age, more and more small companies are able to play in the big leagues. They can be in serious competition with national and even global corporations. 


So how does a small business take advantage of the business world and up their game? Roosevelt Giles, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Atlanta Life Financial Group, Inc., shares five insightful tips on how going digital can make your small company bigger and better than ever.


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Commandment 4: Build a Team of Happy Employees

There is an essential part of success that is often overlooked – happy, educated employees. Finding the right talent can be difficult; convincing them to be a part of your team can be harder still. And once you have acquired the talent you need, you have to have a plan in place to make sure they are prepared to represent your business and expand your client base.


No one is skilled in everything, but everyone is skilled in something. Find the skill sets you need, look for potential employees with those skill sets, and train and educate them to foster the talent they already have. If certifications are a necessary standard in your field, help your employees become certified. If they need continuing education in order to perform their jobs properly, find the required classes and arrange for your employees to attend. Take the time to sincerely and thoroughly invest in your talent.


Once your employees are trained and are given the resources they need, you can then ask them to return the investment you made in them by investing in you and your business. This means that they put their newly-honed skills to use in growing your business, reaching out to potential clients, and finding new opportunities for strategic partnerships.


Getting to know your employees is another important part of this process. Do any of your employees have kids? Where did they go to school? Why did they decide to pursue this field? What are the skills they are hoping to gain during their time at your company? If you know more about your employees and show them that you are invested in meeting their needs, they will be able to better meet the needs of your clients. Your employee experience must be as good or better than the customer experience if you want to successfully market your company.


About the Author

Mr. Roosevelt Giles serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors at Atlanta Life Financial Group, Inc. and as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Information Management Systems, Incorporated. With over 26 years of experience in the information technology field, he spends much of his time sharing his business expertise all over the world, and is an internationally-known technology expert, speaker and lecturer. Follow him on Twitter and connect with him on LinkedIn.