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For small companies, competing in the business world can be a daunting task. But in the ever-evolving digital age, more and more small companies are able to play in the big leagues. And they can be in serious competition with national and even global corporations. 


So how does a small business take advantage of the business world to up their game? Roosevelt Giles, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Atlanta Life Financial Group, Inc., shares five insightful tips on how going digital can make your small company bigger and better than ever. 


Check out the first tip below – and check back every week to learn more invaluable advice on successfully growing your brand. 


Commandment 1: Have a Digital Presence 

First things first: It is imperative that you decide what type of customer experience you want your clients to have. Do you want to be easily visible to customers in both your market and similar markets? Do you want your clients to be able to contact you and access your products from around the globe? If so, you must have a prominent digital presence. Most customers today are working from mobile phones or tablets – in order to gain the trust and business of these customers, you have to meet them where they are. 


The best way to establish your digital presence is to get involved with social media. Most businesses have professional pages on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Instagram and Pinterest. Create an account just for your business, and then get to work:

  • Find your client’s pages and “like” some of their posts
  • Find businesses in a similar market to yours and leave a comment or help answer a question
  • Seek out businesses in markets in which you hope to expand and start reading up on some of the articles they post or the tips they suggest


Another key advantage of maintaining a digital presence is the feedback you will receive from your customers. When you are readily accessible to the people using your services, they can easily give you guidance on how best to meet their needs. Positive reviews, negative comments, information on how they used your products – these are just a few of the ways that your clients can help you create the best experience for them. Take all feedback into consideration and weigh it against the goals you have for your business and your customers. As you find new or improved ways to meet customer needs, you will gain essential knowledge on how to grow your business while simultaneously garnering new resources and information that will serve you in the future. An added bonus is that your customers will feel valued for their knowledge.


About the Author

Mr. Roosevelt Giles serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors at Atlanta Life Financial Group, Inc. and as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Information Management Systems, Incorporated. With over 26 years of experience in the information technology field, he spends much of his time sharing his business expertise all over the world, and is an internationally-known technology expert, speaker and lecturer. Follow him on Twitter and connect with him on LinkedIn.

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