Insurance for Retail Stores

Insuring Retailers Keep their Lights On

Running a busy retail operation is definitely a full time job! The last thing a retail store owner or operator needs to worry about is the day-to-day risks of life on the job.

Atlanta Life appreciates the challenges of running an independent or chain of retail stores. Even when we are as careful as possible, the nature of retail is one that unfortunately includes the risk of accident, injury or other liability.

Keeping your customers, employees and property protected is demanding enough without worrying whether you have the protection you need for your brick-and-mortar or online stores. Whether your running a large or small retail business, insurance coverage helps you and your employees stay focused on your products and customers…and not on risk.

Our experienced team can assist you with find the right blend of retail business insurance protection that covers your operation from the threats posed by accidents, fire, theft and lawsuits.

Retail Business Insurance that Covers the Unexpected

Some of the biggest names in retailing started out with one location. In order to grow they had to do more than just offer customers attractively priced products and exemplary customer service. They had to manage their employees, safeguard their property and secure their financial resources.

As your retail business grows, so do the risks to your company, hard work and capital. To protect yourself and your organization you must recognize where your business is susceptible to risk and make solid decisions about how to reduce your exposure.

A well-crafted retail business insurance program can shield you from the risk of unforeseen hazards that lead to costly problems and substantial financial loss.

Take a moment to consider the following questions relative to your retail business:

  • Who is responsible for accidents that occur while making a customer delivery?
  • What happens if a customer falls or injures themselves in your store(s)?
  • Who pays damages related to a major employee theft?
  • What happens if an associate is hurt while working in your store(s)?
  • What if an employee steals customer information or property?

It’s essential that you have the right insurance protection to avoid jeopardizing the daily functioning of your retail stores and the ongoing financial health of your overall business.

Suggested Insurance for Retail Businesses

Atlanta Life understands the unique situations retailers encounter operating their businesses. Retail store owners must contend with employees behind the register handling cash and credit card transactions. Retail operators must also keep customers satisfied while preventing theft of valuable store merchandise.

If your retail store makes deliveries or picks up inventory from off-site vendors, you must manage vehicles and the people who drive them on behalf of your organization. Additionally, operating a retail business means dealing with physical property you may own or lease and protecting what’s inside. This includes the inventory, shelves, racks, computers, and cash registers that keep your business running smoothly.

Furthermore, retail store owners and operators must protect their brand’s reputation against potential lawsuits arising from negligent hiring and product liability claims.

We offer an extensive line of retail business insurance products and risk management programs specifically designed to help owner/operators protect their stores. The following are some of the risks we address most often in retail: