Insurance for Real Estate Businesses

Real estate and property management professionals provide a critical service to our country. They help folks find homes and business facilities and they help manage the properties once they are found.

Atlanta Life understands the challenges faced by rental property owners, managers and agents. We know your days are full and your jobs are demanding. That’s why our team stands ready to help you protect your business and mitigate the inherent risks of the real estate industry.

Insurance for Real Estate and Property Management Professionals

Keeping your real estate related business running is demanding enough without worrying whether you have all the protections you need. Atlanta Life has worked with firms like yours for many years and we are committed to helping you stay focused on your clients…and not on risk.

Our knowledgeable staff can help you insure your company with the right blend of commercial insurance and risk related protection to keep you and your team focused on their primary jobs. We can protect your organization from threats posed by fire, theft, and liability claims.

Protect Your Growing Real Estate Business with the Right Insurance

To protect yourself and your organization you must identify the vulnerabilities in your business and take practical steps to protect yourself.

A well-designed business insurance program can shield you from the risk of unanticipated exposures that can lead to headaches and significant financial loss.

Take a minute to ask yourself the following questions relative to your practice:

  • Who is responsible for accidents that occur during work related travel?
  • What if you get sued by a client related to your work on his/her behalf?
  • Does your firm lease any business equipment from a third party provider?
  • Do you know the value of business equipment your firm leases?
  • What if an associate opens a file and infects your network or corrupts client files?
  • What if an employee decides to steal client property of information?

You simply must have the right commercial insurance protection to insure personal risks do not compromise the daily operation and long term financial viability of your real estate business.

Suggested Insurance for Real Estate Businesses and Commercial Property Management Companies

We understand the challenges you face and we help real estate professionals like you protect their organizations with comprehensive insurance products and risk management programs tailored to their individual needs. The following are some of the most important protections to consider:

  • Business Owners Policy – broad general liability insurance and property coverage that protects you against liability and loss. Ideal for small business owners and large companies alike.
  • General Liability Insurance – broad protection from injury, property, and other liability claims that can jeopardize your real estate business.
  • Errors & Omissions Insurance – aka: Professional Liability Insurance — liability protection for claims against an organization for negligence, errors, oversights, mistakes. E&O insurance protects real estate professionals against claims that may arise in the course of providing consultations or recommendations.
  • Umbrella Liability – financial liability protection over/above that provided in other existing policies. This insurance provides an additional measure of protection beyond the limits set in other policies currently in place for your real estate business.
  • Workers Compensation – legally required health and wage replacement coverage for employees that provides for your staff and protects your business.
  • Commercial Property Insurance – coverage for buildings, related structures, and on-site property/equipment. Commercial property insurance covers you for damages to physical structure from fire, flood and theft. It also covers items inside the building real estate agents use to run their business (office equipment, computers).
  • Cyber Insurance – liability protection from data breaches, hacking attacks, and computer/network related crimes against your company that compromise confidential customer or company data.
  • Hired Non-Owned Vehicle Insurance – liability, medical, and property protection for rented, hired, or borrowed vehicles used for business purposes. This insurance protects your company from auto accidents involving your employees while working for your real estate business.
  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance – liability and damages protection from law suits related to hiring, firing, or other human resources related issues. This coverage safeguards both real estate business owners and senior managers.