Physical Property is a Big Asset to Your Business

Sleep Better Knowing Your Company’s Property is Protected

From your company’s physical building to the equipment and belongings inside having the right protection is critical. Having adequate property insurance for a small business – or even mid-sized business – is important to preserve what you’ve worked so hard to build!

Commercial property insurance is property insurance that compensates you if the property you use is damaged due to certain perils including fire, theft, computer virus, or flood.

From the building to the equipment and materials located inside…they all need to be protected from life’s unknowns with property insurance for small businesses. Our knowledgeable agents can help you determine the level of protection that is right for your business.

What Commercial Property Business Insurance Protects

Company-owned physical and real estate related assets cover a wide range of items. The following is a partial list of property that is protected by commercial property insurance for small businesses, or businesses of any size:

  • Physical buildings and/or affixed structures
  • Merchandise
  • On-hand product inventory
  • Business equipment (computers, business machines)
  • Furniture
  • Business or customer records
  • Electronic data
  • Personal property stored on-site
  • Tools or machinery
  • Electronic computer servers or peripherals
  • Rented or leased property (copiers, fax machines, etc.)

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Request a quote today for Commercial Property Business Insurance for small businesses, or mid-size businesses. Insurance coverage at an affordable rate is what Atlanta Life does best.