Even Non-Profits Need to Protect Themselves

You started or joined your not-for-profit organization because you wanted to make a difference. You were motivated by more than money. Perhaps you saw an opportunity to help affect change in your community. Regardless of your motivation you now find yourself running a thriving non-profit organization.

Driven by a Higher Cause

Profit motives aside, all organizations, large and small, must protect their property, assets, and people. Atlanta Life has worked with non-profit groups for many years and we even operate one ourselves. So we understand the challenges of driving growth for the cause while protecting the staff, volunteers, and assets of the business.

Our knowledgeable staff can help you insure your organization with the right blend of commercial insurance and risk related protection to insure you continue delivering for your cause for many years to come. We can protect your organization from threats posed by fire, theft, and liability claims by offering broad non-profit insurance products/services.

Every Growing Organization Deserves a Partner

We understand the motivations of non-profit organizations and we help owners and operators protect them with comprehensive insurance products and risk management programs tailored to their individual needs!The following are some of the constituent groups found within the non-profit organizations we support:

  • Core management and on-staff associates
  • Volunteers and event specific staff
  • Independent contractors
  • Staging and set-up professionals
  • On site professionals (security, medical staff)

Accidents Can Happen Even When Doing Good
Unexpected accidents and issues can occur for any organization. As a non-profit company you need to be mindful and protected from claims that can arise from:

  • Damage to your property
  • Theft of building contents
  • Automotive accidents
  • Bodily injury during organizational fund raising events
  • Employee related issues (hiring, discrimination or harassment claims)

Let our knowledgeable staff help your organization keep doing good while you rest easier knowing the business is protected from the risks of life!

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