Critical Non-owned Auto Liability Protection

Liability Protection for Your Employees on the Go

Your mother always said “buckle your seat belt”. And even when we do accidents can still happen that impact others.

Hired and Non-Owned Auto Insurance (HNO) provides protection for your company should it be sued due to an auto accident caused by one of your employees while on company business in a personal or rented vehicle. It also covers damage caused by vehicles you may rent, hire, or borrow in the course of conducting daily business related activities.

Non-owned auto insurance is important in the event one of your employees has a serious auto accident in their own vehicle or in a rented vehicle while on company business. In these instances your company can be held responsible.

What HNO Insurance Protects

HNO liability insurance covers a broad range of automobile related claims and provides coverage for auto accidents that:

  • Occur when an employee is using a personal car on business
  • Occur with rented or borrowed vehicles
  • Result in bodily injury to employees
  • Result in property damage
  • Create legal bills for defense of auto related law suits

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