Insurance for Janitorial Services

As the manager of a busy janitorial or cleaning company you know your customers count on you to keep their homes and businesses as clean and safe as possible. You also know how hard it is to balance the demands placed on you and your staff. There are many components to operating a successful janitorial services company. Everyday there are employees to schedule, vehicles to maintain and equipment to manage and each of these has to be done with safety in mind.

You likely spend your days driving to customer locations, loading and unloading equipment, working with potentially dangerous chemicals and on-site at customer facilities where accidents can happen…no matter how careful you are.

Even in a well-run cleaning company you can make a mistake or run into trouble on the job. Plus, with employees working in multiple locations at the same time, you can’t be everywhere all the time. Accidents and injuries involving workers are almost inevitable.

With all you deal with on a daily basis, it is no wonder you have little time to plan for the things that can sometimes go wrong and threaten your livelihood.

Advance Planning is the Key to Insurance for Janitorial Services

As your janitorial business grows, so do the risks to you and your staff.

To protect yourself and your company you must identify risks of your profession and take practical measures to guard against potential liabilities. For example, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, janitors and cleaners are hurt nearly twice as much on the job compared to most professions.

A business insurance program tailored to janitorial services can shield you from the risk of unanticipated threats that can jeopardize your livelihood and result in considerable financial loss.

Ask yourself the following questions relative to your janitorial/cleaning service:

  • Do you believe your personal auto insurance provides protection for accidents that occur during work related travel?
  • Do you feel responsible for lost property that might occur when your team is on-site?
  • Who would you call if an important piece of cleaning equipment gets stolen from you?
  • Does your company lease any cleaning equipment you use on the job?
  • Who is responsible if one of your staff members gets injured on the job?

It’s vital that you have the correct type of commercial insurance protection to reduce the risks that threaten the day-to-day operation and continuing financial sustainability of your janitorial business.

Our team of specialists can make sure your firm has the right combination of insurance so you can keep doing the great work you do for your customers – day in and day out!

Suggested Insurance Coverages for Your Janitorial Business

Atlanta Life understands the issues cleaning services and janitorial businesses deal with on a daily basis. We help owners and managers protect themselves and their team with comprehensive insurance products and risk management programs customized to their particular needs.

If you own or manage a busy cleaning service, you might want to speak to us about closing the gaps that can leave you, your staff and your company exposed…and liable.

It only takes a few minutes to review your existing insurance coverages. Our team can help you ensure you have the right protection for your business to include the following coverages: