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Early Saturday morning, Erma got a call from the Police that her storefront down on Main St. had been damaged. Well, damaged was putting it lightly. Erma’s storefront had been completely wrecked, as it was the final destination for a drunk driver who lost the speed chase.


Naturally, Erma was upset; she had plans for a big launch in the coming weeks and was concerned about having to put her entire business on hold. As a business owner, even of a business without a physical storefront, I’m sure you can imagine what that moment must have been like. Wouldn’t you be upset, too?


Or would you be breathing into a paper bag, suddenly realizing that you’re not properly insured, and that you might be personally responsible for covering the loss incurred by some drunk idiot? Did I mention that people were looting the store after the incident? Breathe easy. Erma had ALGA Business Insurance.


Erma is a planner; she likes to be prepared and for this reason, she enjoyed some peace of mind amidst the chaos because she knew, at the very least, that this disaster would not end up destroying her entire business (not to mention her personal assets).


About 4 years ago, Erma asked me to evaluate her insurance coverage to make sure that she was protected. Not only did Erma have sufficient Building Coverage, but she also had Business/Personal Property damage, so those looters got away with her stuff, but she won’t be financially responsible for the loss.


Every year, Erma and I have checked in to update her policies and to ensure sufficient coverage. As her business has grown, we’ve adjusted her coverage, and we were ready to face disaster without fear of disastrous loss. Erma has my cell phone number and knows that she can call me whenever she needs me, so she called me that scary Saturday morning and I was able to assuage her fears because, well, we’ve been prepared for this. All we had to do was get her claims going so that we could get her back in business as soon as possible.


Has your business changed at all in the last 6 months? Have you added employees or real estate, increased your inventory or added a fleet? If your business is growing, you need to evaluate your Business Insurance to make sure that you’re covered in case of unexpected and uncontrollable calamity. We are here to help!


Author: Howard Stephenson, VP of Insurance Services at the Atlanta Life General Agency, has been creating business insurance solutions for over 20 years. His dedication to his clients’ experience with their business insurance and protecting their growth makes him the insurance agent in demand. Connect with Howard on LinkedIn and Follow our LinkedIn Business Page for more educational and inspirational stories like these. Share this with the business owner you know who is growing and needs to protect their assets.