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Insurance for the small and medium sized business owner

A Business Owner Policy, or BOP, may be what your need as a small or medium-sized business owner. A BOP covers your business for property and liability and helps keep your assets safe. Learn more in this video produced by Insurance Information Institute.


Insuring your business

In addition to a review of coverages that are important to all small businesses, this resource provides information to help you decide what kinds of insurance you need for your particular business. Download PDF

What Insurance Should My Business Have?

A review of four typical small business insurance products. Download PDF

Should I Buy A Package Policy Such As A Business Owners Policy (BOP)?

Insurers often combine a number of coverages into a package that is sold as a single contract. The advantage of a package policy is that it offers a broad variety of coverages for small businesses at a price that is usually lower than if the same coverages were bought separately. The most common type of package policy is the Business Owners Policy or BOP. Download PDF

How Much Insurance Do I Need?

When purchasing business insurance it’s important to obtain the rightamount. Be sure that your company is neither overinsured nor underinsured. Download PDF

How Can I Keep Premiums Down?

Six tips to keep your small business insurance premiums low. Download PDF

What Insurance Should I Consider For A Home-based Business?

Whether you’re doing medical billing,running a day care center, auctioning art on eBay or any one of the myriad of other types of businesses people run from their homes, you may not have adequate insurance. Download PDF

Glossary of Business Insurance Terms

Need help keeping up with all the insurance jargon? Download PDF

Information provided by Insurance Information Institute.