Restaurant Insurance

The restaurant and food service industry caters to the needs of an ever-changing customer base. Customers crave mouthwatering meals they can enjoy with friends and colleagues or on their own at a table for one.

Whether you’re a chef or restaurant owner, you want to consistently delight your customers with fantastic flavors and memorable meals. You want to bring in new patrons excited to try something fresh off the menu and welcome back loyal customers eager to return for second and third servings of their favorite dishes.

Succeeding long term requires more than great food and excellent customer service. It requires restaurant business insurance that provides protection from the unexpected challenges that come with operating these fast-paced enterprises.

Atlanta Life has worked with food service companies big and small. We understand the challenges of catering to a demanding customer base while protecting the staff and assets of the business.

That’s why our seasoned staff is dedicated to helping you navigate the sometimes choppy waters of operating a restaurant or bar. Our restaurant business insurance options mitigate risk related issues so you can keep the hot plates coming out of the kitchen for many years to come.

Restaurant Business Insurance

Culinary entrepreneurs use passion and skill to create inviting environments and satisfying meals for customers at restaurants, bars, diners and fast casual food establishments. Catering companies and food trucks bring delicious dishes to the masses at weddings, special events and local hot spots.

Each of these food service businesses face unique risks unlike those encountered by other industries. These risks require insurance coverage that is targeted to the specific needs of the restaurant industry yet broad enough to cover a variety of potential liabilities.

From independent family restaurants to multi-unit chains and franchise operations, Atlanta Life helps food service owners and operators protect their livelihood with comprehensive restaurant business insurance products.

The following are some of the risks and insurance related issues food service operators need to consider when seeking restaurant or bar liability insurance for their firms:

  • Claims related to foodborne illnesses
  • Kitchen fires and incidents
  • Everyday slips and falls
  • Weather related business interruption
  • Staffing and employment related discrimination claims
  • On-site accidents impacting customers and employees
  • Property damage (building, exterior signs)
  • Theft of food, inventory or money by employees
  • Negligent hiring claims
  • Damage to valuable fixed assets such as kitchen equipment

Suggested Insurance Coverages for the Restaurant Business

Whether you own a bar or restaurant, business insurance is a must. The following coverage options can be customized to fit the particular needs of your food service operation:

  • Business Owners Policy – general liability coverage that provides restaurant owners with broad protection from business interruption, property damage and criminal activity.
  • Workers Compensation – Sharp blades, scorching burners and heavy-duty equipment all increase the risks associated with working in a restaurant. These include accidents such as slips, trips and falls on wet floors; burns from fire, hot grease and deep fryers; and cuts from knives, kitchen machinery and broken dishes. Workers compensation provides legally mandated health coverage and wage replacement for employees.
  • General Liability Insurance – wide-ranging protection from injury, property, and other risks associated with food service businesses. These include liability claims for food-borne illnesses, injuries to customers while on your property and contractual breaches by vendors who supply food or service equipment.
  • Umbrella Liability – insurance that provides financial liability protection above the limits in other existing policies you may have in place for your business. Umbrella insurance complements coverage you already have by addressing areas those policies don’t.
  • Commercial Property Insurance – coverage for the building that houses the restaurant and what’s inside: furniture, cash registers, computers, flat-screen televisions and kitchen equipment such as stoves and refrigerators.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance – property insurance for company-owned vehicles used to transport food to your restaurant or deliver meals to customers as well as medical coverage for authorized drivers.
  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance – liability and damages protection from law suits related to hiring new workers, terminating employment, workplace related claims by staff.