Protect Your Company While Managing Risk Responsibly

Critical Bonds for Small Business – Protection for Your Company and Your Customers

Many businesses, at some point, may require a business commercial bond. Business commercial bonds play an important risk management role for companies of all shapes and sizes.

Our knowledgeable team can help you ensure your company has the right protection in place to support your growth plans while protecting your assets from dishonest associates.

Different Small Business Commercial Bonds for Different Situations

Two distinct types of commercial bonds are available. Both can be tailored to your company and your specific business needs by our expert staff.

Fidelity Bonds

Fidelity bonds protect you as a business owner/operator from dishonest employees. They are ideal for small and mid-sized companies regardless of industry or business concentration.

These bonds ensure employees will abide by all laws and honestly discharge their duties as outlined in their job descriptions.

They provide you with peace of mind protection from monetary and/or physical losses that can occur should your business experience employee fraud, theft, forgery, burglary, and negligence.

In some countries this protection is called “employee dishonesty insurance” or “honesty bonds.” No matter what they are called, fidelity bonds reassure businesses that they are protected from the dishonest activities of employees and associates.

Fidelity bonds provide protection against a range of unexpected employee losses including:

  • ERISA bonds protecting employee benefit plans from fraud or dishonesty
  • Protection against employee theft of embezzlement
  • Wrongful acts committed by employees or contract workers

Surety Bonds

Surety bonds guarantee that someone will perform faithfully whatever they agree to do or they will make an agreed upon payment to contracted third parties.

These bonds provide a guarantee from a third party that your company has the wherewithal to perform the tasks outlined in your contractor agreements. There are a wide range of reasons companies seek surety bonds….we can help you with them all. Examples include:

  • Construction bonds
  • License and permit bonds
  • Contract fulfillment bonds
  • Probate and judicial bonds (for legal/court proceedings)
  • Public bonds (for tax related matters)

Generally speaking commercial surety bonds provide a guarantee that you and/or your company will perform the duties outlined in contracts.

If you fail to perform the surety bond reassures the contracting party that it will cover the resulting damages including legal costs and lawsuit damages.

Request a Commercial Fidelity or Surety Bond quote today. Business Insurance and Bonds at affordable rates is what Atlanta Life does best.