Hiring and Firing Just Got Tougher

Lawsuits Abound in Today’s Employment Marketplace

As a business owner or operator, hiring and firing is a fundamental part of your job. Making sure your company is fully staffed with capable and qualified talent is critical to serving your customers and delivering the growth your firm expects.

Our increasingly litigious society is filled with claims made by employees and applicants that can submit your company to legal and financial exposure not to mention the aggravation that comes with defending against resulting law suits.

Employment Practices Liability insurance (EPLI) protects senior managers if a claim is filed related to a wide array of hiring and staffing matters. Legal defense costs and judgments are covered up to policy limits.

Atlanta Life offers broad employment practices protection for business to protect owners and senior officers from the liability that can arise from an employment related claim. While we can’t eliminate the risk of a claim, this coverage can help them to mitigate some of the financial risk that surrounds employment related litigation.

What Employment Practices Liability Insurance Protects

Employment Practices Liability insurance provides a broad range of coverage to individuals empowered by the company to make critical hiring and firing decisions on its behalf. The following is a partial list of protections provided by Employment Practices Liability insurance:

  • Hiring discrimination claims
  • Gender, age, and other types of discrimination
  • General workplace or sexual harassment claims
  • Negligent hiring, promotion, or termination suits
  • Breach of contract claims
  • Libel or slander suits
  • Employee benefits related claims

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