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Operating a restaurant is a dream come true for many culinary entrepreneurs. It’s easy to become immersed in menu planning and creating great tasting meals when you have a passion for food.

However, it’s equally important to protect your dream. There’s a wide range of insurance coverages available to help you manage the risks involved with running a restaurant. This includes property insurance and general liability coverage.

Unfortunately, flooding in your restaurant is not covered under insurance plans.

What Does My Restaurant Insurance Cover?

While flooding is not covered under insurance policies, there are many areas of your restaurant business that can benefit from a commercial insurance plan. A good starting point is to obtain a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP). A BOP provides broad liability coverage against property damage and business interruption.

Commercial property insurance covers you for loss or damage of your building and the equipment inside of it that’s used to operate your restaurant. This includes everything from the booths, tables and chairs where your customers eat to the cash registers that ring up their checks.

Commercial auto insurance is essential if your restaurant delivers food to customers or provides catering for events. It covers both the vehicles and the employees who drive them.

Workers compensation is another type of insurance that restaurant owners should consider obtaining. Kitchen accidents are common in restaurants even with a well-trained cooking staff and clear safety procedures. Workers compensation provides medical coverage and wage replacement if an employee is injured at your restaurant. It also keeps you in compliance with regulatory agencies since workers compensation insurance is often legally mandated.

Flood Insurance for Restaurants

Flooding from a storm surge or heightened water levels during the rainy season can cause significant damage to your restaurant. Flood insurance must be obtained separately from your other restaurant insurance policies. It’s important to find out what level of flood risk you face in your location in order to determine the type of flood insurance needed for your business.

The National Flood Insurance Program offers coverage for certain communities that are in high-risk areas and this coverage is available to business owners and renters of commercial real estate. The Flood Insurance Rate Map will be used to determine the necessary level of coverage for your restaurant.

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