Your Senior Staff Needs Protection

Protect Your Senior Leaders with Directors and Officers Liability Coverage

As a growing business you know your senior leadership team can be your company’s link to continued growth and prosperity. These people are often asked to make the tough decisions that mean the difference between profit and losses for your firm. Their day-to-day decisions can have significant financial impact on the company and its products/services offered to the general public.

In today’s increasingly litigious society a company can simply not have enough protection against disgruntled stakeholders or customers. Directors & Officers coverage (D&O) provides personal liability coverage for your company’s senior managers, directors, and officers. It applies to both publicly traded companies and private entities.

D&O insurance protects these managers from legal liability that can arise when a third party makes a claim or files a suit accusing them of wrongdoing. It provides a broad range of legal and liability protection providing the accused operated within the law.

What Directors & Officers Liability Insurance Protects

D&O insurance provides a broad range of coverage to individuals empowered by the company to make critical decisions on its behalf. The following is a partial list of protections provided by D&O insurance:

  • Legal defense fees
  • Court costs
  • Judgments
  • Liability for actions arising from management decisions

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