Electronic Records Are Big Business

Protect Your Company from the Perils of Electronic Disaster with Cyber Insurance

To a growing business cyber risk and data theft can be a significant liability and tremendous disruption to day to day activities.

No matter how careful you are at building a firewall and updating your computer virus protections, identify theft and data breaches are increasingly common. Having business disruption and cyber risk insurance can be a lifesaver for a growing enterprise.

Atlanta Life offers cyber insurance to protect the electronic assets your company values the most. From external data hackers to unauthorized usage of confidential information, your firm needs to be protected at all times from cyber interruptions.

What Cyber Security Insurance Protects

Company-owned electronic data and information covers a wide range of classifications. The following is a partial list of potential cyber risks insurance can protect:

  • Confidential company records/information
  • Customer data files
  • External hacking and data breaches
  • Unauthorized dissemination of confidential software or e-data
  • Electronic computer servers or peripherals
  • Credit card or other financial information stored on company servers
  • Social security or other personal identification information

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Request a quote today for Cyber Insurance and protect your company from potential cyber interruptions. Insurance at an affordable rate is what Atlanta Life does best.