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Protecting Yourself from the Hidden Risks of the Building Profession

The liability inherent associated with the building industry is significant. Whether you are a builder, landscaper, carpenter, electrician or other trade, you know danger seems to always lurk around every corner. Protecting your business and your employees as well as your contractors is essential. In the building and construction industry commercial business insurance is something you simply can’t do without.

Atlanta Life appreciates the special requirements and demands of contracting work. While the demand for your services can vary, the risks you face getting the job done can be significant. You must consider the inherent risks associated with your profession and make sure you’ve got the necessary protection in place should an accident occur.

In the Building and Construction Industry…Risk is Unavoidable!

Keeping your building and construction business running is demanding enough without worrying whether you have all the right amount of protection against things that could go wrong. Atlanta Life has worked with contractor dependent building and construction companies like yours for many years and we can cover your back so you can focus on the future.

Our knowledgeable staff can help you insure your company with the right blend of contractor insurance and risk related protection to keep you and your team focused on building your business. We can protect your organization from the risks that can impact a contractor based organization often at the most inopportune time.

Let Atlanta Life Do the Heavy Lifting

We understand the challenges contractors face and we help owners and operators like you protect their business with comprehensive insurance products and risk management programs tailored to their individual needs!As a contractor the following are some of the risks we can address and protect you from:

  • On the job accidents or injuries
  • Property damage caused while delivering your service
  • Equipment loss or damage incurred in the field
  • Customer Liability Claims
  • Vehicle protection – company owned and non-owned

Let our knowledgeable staff help your organization keep doing good while you rest easier knowing the business is protected from the risks of life!

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Suggested Coverages:

Protecting against liability is critically important for contractor insurance. The following coverages are appropriate for contractors to consider. Let us help you customize a coverage program to fit your needs: