Protect Your Fleet with Confidence

Protect Your Company Vehicles with Small Business Auto Insurance

If your company operates its own fleet of vehicles, you need protection. Because general Business Owner Policies (BOPs) do not cover commercial vehicles used for work purposes, you will require a separate commercial auto policy.

From deliveries to sales calls, to transporting customers and employees, many businesses use vehicles to move from place to place. Vans, box trucks, delivery vehicles and even passenger vehicles can be important tools to getting the job done. While some personal auto policies may cover some vehicles, those used primarily for business should be covered under a commercial auto policy.

Companies Get Broad Protection at an Affordable Price

Atlanta Life offers comprehensive vehicle coverage including liability protection, property loss coverage, and even medical care in the event a traffic incident results in injuries. We can help you insure all your company vehicles and define specific levels of coverage for each if you desire.

Commercial auto insurance extends to all company owned vehicles used in the course of company business. Qualifying vehicles include:

  • Delivery vans
  • Trucks
  • Shuttles
  • Cars
  • SUVs
  • Golf Carts
  • Buses
  • RVs
  • Other business vehicles

What Commercial Auto Covers

In the course of doing business, your company might use commercial or personal vehicles in many different ways and therefore need commercial auto insurance. Companies that have employees performing the following activities need – whether it is a mid-size or small business – auto insurance coverage provided by an Atlanta Life policy:

  • Making sales calls
  • Shuttling customers to/from airport
  • Picking up packages from customer locations
  • Traveling to a company event/facility
  • Moving product from one location to another
  • Contractors

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Request a quote for mid-size or small business Auto Insurance today. Insurance coverage at an affordable rate is what Atlanta Life does best.