Protecting Your Front Line Troops

Taking the Risk Out of Challenging Professions

Whether you are a dry cleaner, beauty salon, mechanic or esthetician, liability insurance is something you can’t do without. You know how hard your employees and contractors work. The nature of the job is tough and often subject staff to some rigorous working conditions.

Atlanta Life appreciates the demands of personal services companies. The demanding work and unpredictable delivery conditions require you anticipate every possible threat to your livelihood…and protect it!

Risk is One Thing You Don’t Need Weighing on Your Mind

Keeping your business running is demanding enough without worrying whether you have all the protections you need. Atlanta Life has worked with companies like yours for many years and we are committed to making your life easier.

Our knowledgeable staff can help you insure your company with the right blend of commercial insurance and risk related protection to keep you and your team focused on the service they provide for their customers. We can protect your organization from threats posed by fire, theft, and liability claims.

Let Us Sweat the Details

We understand the challenges you face and we help owners and operators like you protect their business with comprehensive insurance products, such as cosmetology insurance, and risk management programs tailored to their individual needs!The following are some of the risks we can address and protect you from:

  • On the job accidents or injuries
  • Property damage caused while delivering your service
  • Equipment loss or damage incurred in the field
  • Customer liability claims (including mistakes and errors/omissions)
  • Vehicle protection – company owned and non-owned

Let our knowledgeable staff help your organization keep doing good while you rest easier knowing the business is protected from the risks of life!

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