Protect Your Business This Holiday Season

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For many business owners, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. With so many consumers shopping and traveling, the holidays present retailers, restauranteurs, and hotel managers with a golden opportunity to finish the year solidly in the black. This uptick in business can bring additional hazards throughout the final weeks of the year, but… Read more »

5 Ways Retail Business Insurance is Unique 

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Retail businesses are unique in that they carry inventory and welcome store traffic, which means they require multiple levels of protection to keep the doors open. Depending on the size and scope of your retail business, you could need protection for your physical property, inventory, employees, customers, business vehicles, and more. Because of the complex… Read more »

Determine Your General Liability Insurance Needs

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Starting a new business is a thrilling experience, despite its inherent risks. A crucial step along the way to business ownership is mitigating those risks with Commercial General Business Liability—commonly known as general liability insurance. If you’re embarking upon the journey of entrepreneurship, finding small business insurance in Atlanta should be high priority. Here’s what… Read more »

Top Pitfalls to Avoid When Shopping for IT Service Company Insurance

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Many people mistakenly believe that IT companies are safe from risks and liabilities that make physical businesses vulnerable. In fact, online businesses are equally vulnerable to disaster. No matter how much IT service providers update their software and virus protection, IT service businesses are always vulnerable to hackers, identity theft, service interruptions, data loss and… Read more »