Making Sure All the Figures Add Up

Advance Planning Provides Critical Protection for Accountants

As a CPA, bookkeeper, tax preparer, or accounting professional you know accuracy and precision are the hallmarks of your practice .

The demands of your profession are varied and can be highly seasonal as well. Client demands rise during tax season and tax offices can become very cluttered and busy places indeed. You are entrusted by your clients with highly sensitive information and often must store this material on site for extended periods of time.

Record keeping and accuracy are critical to your success. But even the most efficient accounting office can make an occasional mistake.

With all you deal with on a daily basis it is no wonder you have little time to plan for the things that can go wrong and destroy months or years of hard work.

Identifying the Vulnerabilities in Your Business

As your firm grows, so do the risks to your business, hard work, and capital. To protect yourself and your firm you must identify the vulnerabilities in your business and take practical steps to protect yourself.

A well-designed business insurance program can shield you from the risk of unanticipated exposures that can lead to headaches and significant financial loss.

Take a minute to ask yourself the following questions relative to your practice:

  • Do you believe your personal auto insurance (or the coverage carried by your employees) provides protection for accidents that occur when visiting a client location?
  • How often do clients entrust you to provide safekeeping of their confidential files?
  • Does your firm lease any business equipment from a third party provider?
  • What will happen if one of your associates opens a file and infects your network or corrupts client files?
  • What if an employee decides to steal client property or information?
  • What if a partner in the firm gets sued for mistakes made in preparing tax returns?

You simply must have the right commercial insurance protection to insure personal risks do not compromise the daily operation and long term financial viability of the entire firm.

Our knowledgeable staff can help insure your firm has the right blend of protection to enable your team to stay focused on serving their clients. We can protect your organization and provide you with the peace of mind you need to stay on top of your game!

Critical Protection for Today’s Growing Accounting Practice

We understand the challenges tax and accounting firms face and we help partners and managers protect their organizations with comprehensive insurance products and risk management programs tailored to their individual needs!

If you own or manage a growing firm engaged in providing tax or accounting services, you might want to speak to us about closing the gaps that can leave you, your partners, and your firm exposed…and liable.

If you are leasing space, hiring staff, or engaging clients, it’s a good idea to review your existing insurance coverages. Our team can help you ensure you have the right protection for your business to include the following coverages:

Suggested Coverages:

Let our knowledgeable staff help your organization keep doing good while you rest easier knowing the business is protected from the risks of life!