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In a world ruled by social networks, email, and global organizations, the key to success is all in who you know. You might have a lot of knowledge in your industry, or you might be an expert at finding great talent, but in order to take advantage of any of your skills, you need to make the right connections with the right people at the right time and in the right way.


Seasoned CEO Larry Benet – also known as “The Connector” – shares the second of three great tips on how to become connected on a personal and global level. Check out the first step here, and keep an eye out for the third and final step next week.


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2. Keep Your Commitments


As your business grows and you begin to create professional connections, you will notice that an essential element of making and keeping these connections is committing to follow through on every promise you make. This can be difficult for business owners, especially if their business experiences sudden growth.


Between managing the daily tasks of your office, meeting with clients, and finding the right talent for your company, your calendar can get very full very quickly. But no matter how busy you are, you must remember to keep the commitments you make.


Did you promise to send over some information to a client about an upcoming event? Send it right after you wrap up the meeting with the client. Are you supposed to get back to a partner on setting a time to discuss a new marketing strategy? Make a note on your calendar and call your partner as soon as you have a few extra minutes later in the day. At the end of each meeting or call, make a list of action items, and be sure everyone knows what their responsibilities are.


No one is perfect – you will forget to return a phone call at some point in your career. But make this the exception and not the norm. Find ways to manage your time so that you can keep any promises you make to your clients and partners.


Don’t overpromise; if you know you don’t have access to the resource they need, tell them so. And when you do have the information or skills they need, be reasonable about the timeline you offer when promising to call with an update. Once you have a timeframe you know you can stick to, be sure you deliver everything you have promised in a timely and efficient manner.


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Known as “The Connector” – Larry Benet brings passion and energy to every opportunity. He is the founder & CEO of the Thought Leaders Mastermind Series, the SANG events, and the author + creator of the Connection Mastery training system. A huge fan of the Denver Broncos, he is speaking at several events in 2016 and would love to connect with you on Facebook, Twitter, and Check out his eBook, “The Art of Connection,” for some great tips on growing your professional network.