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In a world ruled by social networks, email, and global organizations, the key to success is all in who you know. You might have a lot of knowledge in your industry, or you might be an expert at finding great talent, but in order to take advantage of any of your skills, you need to make the right connections with the right people at the right time and in the right way.


Seasoned CEO Larry Benet – also known as “The Connector” – shares three great tips on how to become connected on a personal and global level. Check out the first step below, and keep an eye out for the second step next week.


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  1. Give Before You Take


Every business owner wants their company to grow, both within its industry and financially. It’s natural that you would put your business’ needs first when it comes to creating partnerships and finding new client leads – after all, you have to protect your company, your coworkers, and your capital.


Oftentimes, when meeting with a potential business partner or client, business owners have a “me-first” mentality – you want to know what you will get out of the partnership. While that is a fair question, consider turning it around on yourself. Why should another business or possible client agree to work with you? What are you bringing to the relationship?


Instead of focusing only on the potential benefits of your partnerships, consider the benefits you can offer them. Position yourself as an expert in your field who is willing to lend knowledge and experience as needed. Establish a working relationship where “give and take” is a regular occurrence. This will allow you to not only draw on valuable resources in the future, but also be recognized as a company that is genuinely interested in furthering the research and growth of their market as well as a reliable resource for partners and clients.


About the Author

Known as “The Connector” – Larry Benet brings passion and energy to every opportunity. He is the founder & CEO of the Thought Leaders Mastermind Series, the SANG events, and the author + creator of the Connection Mastery training system. A huge fan of the Denver Broncos, he is speaking at several events in 2016 and would love to connect with you on Facebook, Twitter, and Check out his eBook, “The Art of Connection,” for some great tips on growing your professional network.